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Pool Openings & Closings

Gannon Pool opens and closes hundreds of in-ground pools for residential, municipal and commercial customers throughout the Quad City area. Proper pool closing for the winter season ensures that when summer arrives your pool will be ready to be opened before the pool season starts.

Pool Openings

When it’s time to open your pool you can count on the experts at Gannon Pool. We’ll reassemble filter and pumps, including replacement of gaskets and/or seals if needed (parts not included).

Pool Closings: Protect Your Pool in Winter

When the summer season closes, Gannon Pool winterizes the pool equipment, all of the pool lines and adds necessary chemicals to the pool. A properly closed pool ensures a stress-free opening next spring. Our services include draining your pool’s heating, filtration, and pump equipment, and installing winter plugs.

Our pool opening service includes:
  • Cover Removal
  • Install Pool Lights
  • Start Pool Pump
  • Light Heater Pilot
  • Visually Inspect Pump, Filter, and Heater
  • Add Necessary Chemicals

As fall and winter approach, it comes time to close your pool in order to best take care of it. To protect your pool, a professional should handle your pool closing.

Our pool closing service includes:
  • Winterizing Filter, Pumps, Heater, Chlorinator
  • Addition of Winter Chemicals including Non-Chlorine Shock, Winter Algaecide, Mineral Control Agent

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